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It is absolutely evident that Finland is in a dire need of international technology experts.
Blog post | 22.4.2021
Ihmisiä rakennustelineillä
I attended the congress of IndustriALL Global in September. IndustriALL Global is a global union federation representing workers in the industrial sector.
Blog post | 7.10.2021
Suomen ja Ruotisin liput liehuvat taivasta vasten.
According to a recent survey by Industrial Employees TP, the labour market models of Finland and Sweden are very similar to each other. They are both characterised by the strong role of export companies and a high degree of unionisation.
News article | 29.10.2021
Kaksi henkilöä korjaa satelliittiantennia
For TEK, one of the autumn’s most important topics is what tools Finland intends to use to raise the share of RDI investments to 4 % of the GDP during the 2020s.
Blog post | 14.10.2021
Is this what the manoeuvre was all about – surely not?
Blog post | 26.11.2021
opiskelijoita kahvilassa
The Helsinki Pride Week celebrating equality and the rainbow community is held 27.6.-3.7.2022. This is TEK’s third prideful Pride, because TEK wants to be a part of building a better working life for everyone.
News article | 11.5.2022