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Pöydällä on tietokone, kahvikuppi, banaani ja älypuhelin
The employment situation of professionals with a higher education degree in technology has remained good, but the number of unemployed people in the fields of architecture and construction has increased by no less than 64 per cent over the past year.
News article | 19.9.2023
mies näyttää talopiirustusta
There is a salary gap between the architect members of TEK and the members with other degrees. The gap is caused by the job roles, the industries and the lack of management positions.
News article | 8.6.2023
Ostoskärry makaa kyljellään lumessa.
The median monthly salary of university-educated engineers increased last year by 3.7 percent from the previous year to 5 420 euros. Despite this, the purchasing power of academic engineers declined, because consumer prices increased by 8.3 percent at the same time. TEK’s Labour Market Director Teemu Hankamäki calls on companies to take responsibility for the issue.
News article | 9.2.2023
Alvar Aallon suunnittelema TKK:n päärakennus kylpee auringonvalossa.
The new main building of the Helsinki University of Technology stirred up heated feelings in Otaniemi almost seventy years ago.
News article | 31.1.2023
kaksi henkilöä tutkii pienoismallia
Both collective agreements were created on January 11th. The cost effect of the agreements is 1.8 percent.
News article | 19.1.2022