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TEKin toiminnanjohtaja Jari Jokinen kuvattuna TEKin toimistolla
TEK applauds the government for sticking to the RDI investment targets in its session on spending limits. However, the government scores lower in other areas, such as its earned income tax solution.
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The government's budget session has been wrapped up. There are good things to say about RDI, both good and bad about the funding for education, and something to criticize in the discussion concerning the reduction of insurance contributions.
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Petro Lahtinen katsoo kameraan Woodion tehtaalla.
Petro Lahtinen has gone from a university laboratory straight to the global bathroom market. The next step is finding money and a location for a ten-million-euro factory investment.
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Lakiasiantuntija, asiakas, lakipalvelu, toimisto
The new Government Programme recognizes the importance of education, competence, and research, development and innovation activities. However, the Programme does not appear to be in balance when it comes to labour market issues, putting not only employees but also local cooperation in a precarious position.
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