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Aurinkopaneelit, kestävä kehitys, kiertotalous
According to a recent report, the green transition requires more tech talent and broader transferable skills, such as continuous learning and resilience in a rapidly evolving work environment.
News article | 4.3.2022
Biokaasun tankkaaminen autoon
The inclusion of nuclear and gas in the European taxonomy is of primary importance for the climate challenge, for diversifying energetic supplies and increasing European energetic independence, for social justice, for economic sustainability and for the future of their jobs in an essential industrial and service sector.
News article | 1.6.2022
How will AI, circular economy or continuing professional development shape our future? Check out these international reports.
TEK’s goal of being among the first carbon-neutral trade organisations is now one step closer.
News article | 8.8.2022
We should be using clean energy in Finland and not selling the precious green energy abroad.
Blog post | 4.8.2022