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News article | 11.12.2017
Shähla Idikut, 19, combined genetics and microbiology in her awarded research. She shared the first prize of the TuKoKe science contest for young people with Valtteri Aurela.
News article | 4.5.2020
If there are antibiotics in the water, cells start to produce green light.
News article | 5.10.2020
The satisfaction of recent graduates with an academic degree in technology with the university education they have received in the field of technology has grown steadily from 2016–2019.
News article | 31.12.2020
The coronavirus situation may also impact the summer job prospects of students. On this page we maintain a FAQ that contains questions and answers regarding the issue.
News article | 1.4.2020
Opiskelijamäärän kehitys 2021
The number of student members who joined TEK increased again last year.
News article | 4.2.2022
TEK’s Student Affairs Specialist Jeremi Nyyssönen put together five methods for supporting fellow students who belong to gender and sexual minorities.
News article | 6.7.2021
Well-being over the academic year
Half of technology students are concerned about their own well-being, says the latest student survey conducted by TEK. Students working towards their bachelor's degrees were more concerned than master's students. As first aid, TEK offers a peer support chat service.
News article | 19.1.2022
Opiskelija, luento, opiskelu
COVID-19 impacted the employment of graduates in 2020. It also contributed to slight delays in studies. However, graduates are still very satisfied with their degree. TEK and universities of technology use a survey to survey recent graduates' thoughts on work and study.
TEKin hallituksen puheenjohtaja Mari-Leena Talvitie
Chair of TEK’s Board Mari-Leena Talvitie is concerned about students’ wellbeing, especially their mental health. Already every other student is finding it hard to cope. Talvitie opened the meeting of the TEK General Council on 24 March in Pasila.
News article | 31.3.2022