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Due to the Competitiveness Pact, the median salary for a Master of Science in Technology has only risen by 0.2 per cent since last year. The improved economy has resulted in higher employment rates.
News article | 11.12.2017
Salary development is still continuing at a very moderate pace.
News article | 24.1.2020
Both the employer and the employee benefit when salary-related issues are made as transparent as possible and the workplace can focus on achieving results.
News article | 1.2.2021
CEO Jari Jokinen from Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK demands a tax overhaul. – It is not encouraging to see more than half of the salary increase go straight to the tax authorities.
News article | 7.1.2021
The median salaries of men and women differ. The median man earns 7 000 euros more per year than the median woman. At top management levels, the difference grows to 15 000 euros.
News article | 4.2.2021
Salary transparency reduces jealousy, discrimination and unexplained income differences.
News article | 12.4.2021
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Always prepare for your salary negotiations by defining your salary request based on well-grounded reasons.
Kolme henkilöä keskustelemassa työasioista
Our studies have demonstrated that salaries remain a taboo subject at many workplaces. For this reason, many people might find themselves at a loss when they are asked to make a salary request as they are offered a promotion or seeking a new job. As a member of TEK you have access to the Salary Surveyor and our salary statistics that offer great comparative information on salaries in your sector.
Blog post | 12.11.2021
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Academic engineers now consider their own personal situation and the situation at their workplace to be clearly improved when compared to a year ago.
News article | 17.1.2022
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The median annual income of TEK's full-time entrepreneur members was 60,000 euros last year. In the previous year, the figure was 53,500 euros. Part-time entrepreneurs also earned more than before.
News article | 27.4.2022