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As the keynote speaker, we have the former U.S. ambassador to Finland, Bruce Oreck.
News article | 19.4.2018
TEK and Suomen Ekonomit invited their international members and returned expats to celebrate the 100-year-old Finland together in Ravintola Kaisaniemi in Helsinki on the 18th May.
News article | 30.5.2017
We offer a wide range of services in English. How can we help you?
News article | 15.4.2020
Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK provides its members with access to mental health professionals by launching a new mental health supportline HuoliLinja.
News article | 7.5.2020
Danske Bank offers benefits on investments and housing loans, for example.
The majority of TEK’s full members who are salaried employees belong to KOKO, the unemployment fund for highly educated.
News article | 9.6.2022
The Member+ service, which is shared by Akava associations and unions, has multiple benefits to offer.
News article | 11.3.2022
Lapsi vilkuttaa äitinsä sylistä
TEK members who have utilised Kaleva's life insurance benefit have saved an average of EUR 502 per year.
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We offer a variety of insurance benefits for our members.
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As a TEK member you are entitled to a number of discounts and benefits on, for example, banking and insurances.