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TEK members favor Member+ holiday apartments

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The joint Member+ portal of TEK and other Akava associations gathers all member benefits at one address.

You should visit the Member+ portal regularly to familiarize yourself with the range of benefits, as the benefits are constantly changing. Some benefits are temporary and are often valid for 12 months at a time. Sometimes short-term benefits are also available, with a benefit period of one to three months at a time.

The content of the benefits also changes a little.

New benefits can be requested directly from Member+.

For example, Ikaalinen Spa offers accommodation at the beginning of the year with a discount of up to 50 percent. All year round they offer a constant 20 percent discount.

The most popular benefits are still travel-related benefits. Permanent favorites include the benefits of Viking Line, Kämp Collection and Scandic Hotels.

"TEK members have clearly found our holiday apartments, but the hotel benefits are also used nicely. We get positive feedback about these from TEK members. The advantage of, for example, Samsung is also popular among TEK members," says Kai Vavuli, who is responsible for Member+.

New benefits can be requested directly from Member+.

"We are happy to receive ideas. We do not promise that we will be able to negotiate all wishes, but we promise to do our best. It is always up to the provider of the benefit, whether they understand the market value and whether they are ready to invest in a sufficiently attractive benefit to gain visibility," Vavuli continues.

A development project is also currently underway, the goal of which is to improve the usability of the portal and make it easier to find and utilize benefits.

How to Make the Most of Your Benefits

You can access the Member+ benefit portal at

Send your benefit requests and feedback to