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We at TEK offer a wide range of membership services to support you at different stages in your career. Find out which services and benefits serve you best!
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When you're thinking about your job, career, or future, check out the tips and tools from our career coaches!
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Here you can find useful tools and information for your job search.
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Check out our instructions for different CV's.
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We have listed the most common recruitment platforms in Finland.
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Gaining new skills is a worthwhile investment. You can build, expand, and strengthen new competencies, for example, while working, studying or during periods of unemployment.
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Are you wondering what to do about your career? Are you planning to find a job but don't really know where to start? Or are you having difficulties in expressing your own skills and strengths?
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As TEK's student member you have access to a variety of benefits and services to support your career. Join your professional community now – student membership is free of charge!
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Are you about to graduate or have you already completed your degree? Congratulations! As a recent graduate, you get full TEK membership at a discounted price for the first year.
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Looking for a summer job or a thesis job? Should you join an unemployment fund? What kind of salary you should ask for?