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If you want to have an influence on your professional community and participate in decision-making, now is a good time to consider putting yourself forward as a candidate in TEK’s elections!
News article | 29.9.2016
The TEK Council gathered for a meeting in Otaniemi on 17–18 November.
News article | 24.11.2016
Why not stand for election?
News article | 15.12.2016
The council of Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK has elected Master of Science in Technology and Member of Parliament Mari-Leena Talvitie as the new chair of TEK's board by 44 votes.
News article | 8.9.2020
Based on the council agreement, TEK's new council that was elected in the spring and has just organised itself is not against anyone in particular.
News article | 8.9.2020
Seventy successful candidates will be chosen to represent some 72,000 members of TEK in a General Council election to take place in March. A total of 481 candidates are standing for election.
News article | 27.2.2020
Elections will be held in March 2020 to elect TEK's General Council. The nomination for candidates begins on 1 January 2020, get involved and stand for election!
News article | 19.11.2019
TEKin hallituksen puheenjohtaja Mari-Leena Talvitie
Chair of TEK’s Board Mari-Leena Talvitie is concerned about students’ wellbeing, especially their mental health. Already every other student is finding it hard to cope. Talvitie opened the meeting of the TEK General Council on 24 March in Pasila.
News article | 31.3.2022
TEK’s General Council held its spring meeting 24–25 March in Tripla in Pasila, Helsinki.
News article | 7.4.2022
Palaveri neuvotteluhuoneessa jäsenten kesken
TEK is founded, owned and managed by its members. The General Council, chosen from among the members, is TEK’s highest decision-making body.