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Moving to a new country is never easy, there are hundreds of new things to learn and customs to adapt to. But for many, adjusting to a new working life can be the biggest shock of all. Below are a few Finnish norms that required an adjustment from my perspective as a Canadian.
Blog post | 11.3.2015
Who doesn’t dream of being their own boss? It offers freedom and the ability to focus on what you love. However, it can also come with many challenges. The most intimidating and difficult part is often the first: setting up your business.
Blog post | 3.10.2015
The discussion on diversity has never been as prominent as it is now. Nowadays one rarely needs to justify the financial and human value of diversity in the work community or the importance of a more inclusive working life. So everything is better now than before, right?
Blog post | 21.10.2020
The university should not consider teaching positions as a safe haven for those who are not making great progress on the professorship track. Having a tenure track for teachers brings clarity and equal treatment to the work of teaching staff.
Blog post | 27.5.2021
Universities and universities of applied sciences do not fall under the same collective agreements. The treatment of employees can vary significantly between different institutions, and even within them.
Blog post | 10.2.2021
Immigrants have a difficult labor market situation. Many of the disadvantages they face derive directly from discrimination and prejudice in recruitment practices and hiring on the part of employers.
News article | 23.9.2021
Lasse Laatunen
According to Lasse Laatunen, the desire of the current business executives in the forest industry and the technology industry to negotiate company-level collective agreements is partly based on delusional thinking.
News article | 15.10.2021
Teemu Hankamäki
Generally binding collective agreements that protect the terms of employment of almost 30 000 TEK members will expire on 30 November 2021.
News article | 22.9.2021
TEK's specialist compiled a list of five ways for employee representatives to better take LGBTQ employees into account. TEK’s lawyer summarises how the rights of minorities are secured by legislation.
News article | 6.7.2021
Anonymous recruitment places expertise and motivation at the centre. In addition to bolstering equality, the diversity of employees brought by anonymous recruitment could provide a competitive edge.
News article | 13.9.2021