Henkilö työskentelemässä tietokoneella ja puhelimella

Working as a student

Looking for a summer job or a thesis job? Should you join an unemployment fund? What kind of salary you should ask for?

It's time to start looking for a job! But....

  • Where and how to apply for jobs?
  • What to consider when looking for a job?
  • What kind of salary can be requested?
  • What to keep in mind when entering into an employment contract and on what terms?
  • Is it worth joining the KOKO fund (unemployment fund) and why?

You will find the answer to these and many other questions on this page.

1. Become a TEK member

Student membership is free, and as a member, you can access all services you need in work life.

2. Make the most of TEK's job search services

When applying for a job, you should first put the job search documents in order. In TEK's Workbook, the guide for job search and career planning you will find great instructions for job search, such as basic CV templates for students and recent graduates in Finnish, Swedish and English. 

We have gathered a comprehensive list of tools for jobseekers, including tailored CV templates for project managers, product developers and IT experts. 

Not sure where to look for jobs in Finland? Check out our list of the most common portals and sites. You can also utilise the Career Services at your university.

Aalto University

Tampere University

LUT University

University of Oulu

University of Jyväskylä

University of Vaasa

Åbo Akademi

3. What is the right salary level?

TEK annually determines internship salary recommendations for students, which apply to work related to their own field of study. The salary recommendations are a good starting point for a salary request. TEK's recommendations are based on the salary information of TEK's student members. 

4. Join the KOKO unemployment fund

You can join the unemployment fund already as a student when you are in paid employment. You can become a fund member, for example, on the first day of your summer job. You can already earn enough qualifying weeks during your summer or part-time jobs as a student. Once you graduate, you may be entitled to earnings-related unemployment benefit, if you become unemployed. 

The Unemployment fund for highly educated KOKO's membership fee is 63 euros in 2023. Join the fund by adding the membership to your own membership information at OmaTEK member portal or by sending a request to our member service in OmaTEK's communication channel. Please remember to attach as an identification either your membership number or date of birth as well as your employment details.

5. Know your rights

The terms of employment relationships are partly different for fixed-term and permanent employment relationships. In general, summer jobs, internships and other typical student jobs are temporary. 

It is important to always have a written employment contract. Do not sign a contract until you understand all the points in it. If you wish, you can send your employment contract to TEK's lawyers for reviewing. At the end of your employment, be sure to ask your employer for a certificate of employment.

Information on the rules of Finnish work life can be found here. If you feel that you are being mistreated at your workplace, contact your employee representative or TEK's lawyers.