Kaksi henkilöä keskustelee, pöydällä on puhelin ja avoin opas.

Political demonstrations and strikes do not apply to TEK members

News article

TEK has decided not to participate in political demonstrations.

The news article has been updated on 6 March 2024.

Several SAK trade unions have announced that they will organize political strikes in workplaces from March 11 to March 24 to oppose the government’s proposed changes to employment legislation and social security. These actions aim to express their dissent and advocate for the rights of workers in Finland. The unions’ collective efforts highlight their commitment to safeguarding labor rights and social welfare.

TEK has decided not to participate in political demonstrations, so the demonstrations do not concern TEK members. Read more here.

In practice, this means that TEK members stay in their own jobs and do not perform work under the demonstration. For example, the position, task, or collective agreement under which the member works does not affect the matter. 

A TEK member should not join a demonstration announced by another union, as the employer may interpret participation in the demonstration as an unauthorized absence. Outside working hours, or during their free time, members can naturally participate in political demonstrations.

If there are any questions at workplaces regarding the aforementioned political demonstrations and their effects, please contact the union that announced the demonstration.