Daniel Valtakari katsoo kameraan.

General Council election 2023 – 10 questions about the election

News article

Election Committee's Secretary Daniel Valtakari explains what the General Council election of the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK is all about.

1. Why should I vote?

It is TEK’s mission to fulfil its members’ wishes and ideas. Member activeness also brings active members into the General Council and other bodies, such as the committees. This allows us to work together to supervise the interests of our members even better and more effectively.

2. Will I get paid for it?

You will not get paid to vote, but by giving your vote to a candidate you believe is pursuing the right policies, you will get more value for your membership fee.

Our electronic election this year is more ecological than ever before.

3. Who should I vote for?

Whichever electoral alliance and candidate you think is best and whose goals match your views as closely as possible. The parliamentary elections are held around the same time, so you may find some synergy there to help you choose.

4. When should I vote?

As soon as possible after the voting starts on 20 March. Electronic voting is the fastest and also the most ecological way to vote. You can also vote by mail as soon as you receive your ballot and the return envelope. All votes that arrive by the end of the day on 3 April will be counted.

5. What do you mean the most ecological way to vote?

Our electronic election this year is more ecological than ever before. This time, members can choose to only receive electronic election material – this reduces print material and the emissions from transportation. You can make this choice in the OmaTEK member portal. Those who vote electronically also get to choose a charity to which TEK will donate three euros for the environment.

6. Where can I find the right candidate and their number?

An election engine will be opened for the TEK election on 13 March 2023 where you can browse the candidates and their numbers. The candidates will also introduce themselves in the election engine. Voters can answer the questions of the election engine to see which candidates are most closely aligned with their views.

7. Am I even eligible to vote?

Yes, as long as your membership is in order, meaning that you are a full or pensioner member and your fees are paid. The membership review date is 1 January 2023. Student representatives are elected to the General Council by a different procedure, which is why student members may not vote in the election. Please note that those who are members through TFiF vote for the candidates of TFiF.

8. Why would someone run in the election?

Some of us want to be active and work for the good of others. Just like we engage in social activities or hobbies. Through TEK, we can work on behalf of a better working life for us all.

9. What happens to the candidates who are elected?

They get to work on the General Council and in their council group. They often have the chance to join a committee and make an impact through it. Committees meet even more often than the General Council and influence a number of matters. This is also a way to build momentum for the next election. We truly make a difference!

10. Do they get paid to do it?

No, they do not, but their expenses are covered and all those involved are acknowledged in many ways.