What is the right salary for you? We offer the best tools and statistics for technology professionals in Finland.

Each year TEK conducts a labour market survey to determine the salary levels and other terms of employment of our members. The survey findings are analysed, for example, by the educational background of members, years of employment, job characteristics. Our salary statistics and Salary Surveyor are based on this data.


Salary Surveyor is a database tool for TEK's members, that allows you to check the salary levels for different positions in your field. 
Salaries by position 2020 (pdf)
Salaries by field of study 2020 (pdf)
Starter salary recommendation for recent graduates
Recommended salaries for trainees

For more information contact palkat(ät) or +358 (0)9 229 121.

It is also a good idea to take a look at your industry’s salary statistics. There are also other parties, such as Statistics Finland, that publish salary statistics.


TEK experts also provide personal salary counselling for TEK members. Salary counselling will help you especially with matters related to salary statistics, income level and salary negotiations. You can contact salary counselling, for instance, when you are thinking about a suitable salary request for a job you are applying for, when you want to check your current income level or need tips for salary negotiations. In legal matters related to salaries (e.g. holiday bonuses, holiday pay, paying salary at the end of an employment relationship, overtime compensations), you can contact our lawyers.

Salary counselling is primarily based on the Salary Surveyor and other salary statistics by TEK. The data for these statistics are collected annually from our labour market survey. TEK experts also have access to some foreign salary statistics.

The best way to contact salary counselling is by e-mail at palkat(ät) or by telephone on +358 (0)9 229 121. We will respond to your e-mail as soon as possible, usually within 1–2 working days. If your matter is urgent, please mention this in your request for contact. However, it is always advisable to contact our salary counselling service in good time before a salary discussion or a job interview, if possible. If the salary counsellor is not available to take your call, you can leave a message requesting them to call you back.

You will receive quicker service if you provide some background information about yourself and your job or the job you’re applying for:

  • describe the job in a few words: title, most important duties, position in the organisation, supervisory responsibilities
  • information about the employer: industry, number of employees
  • location of the workplace: Helsinki Metropolitan Area or elsewhere in Finland
  • your educational background: degree, degree programme and year of graduation
  • any relevant work experience (other than summer jobs, traineeships or doing your thesis) before graduation
  • information about your current income level is also useful

"I was nearing my probation period and needed advice on salary negotiations. I contacted TEK via email. TEK experts responded very promptly with a detailed explanation. Salary negotiation has always been a tough thing to handle for me (even after working in Finland for over 6 years in 3 different companies). After receiving TEK's support, I felt more confident as I went to the negotiation room better informed on handling my situation. "

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