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Pöydällä on tietokone, kahvikuppi, banaani ja älypuhelin
The employment situation of professionals with a higher education degree in technology has remained good, but the number of unemployed people in the fields of architecture and construction has increased by no less than 64 per cent over the past year.
News article | 19.9.2023
People in an office
The government’s policies will make life in Finland harder for people with a foreign background and reduce the attractiveness of Finland in the international labour market.
News article | 14.9.2023
Tuulivoimaloiden pienoismallit
Universities need to place more emphasis on green skills.
News article | 8.9.2023
Perhe rannalla.
Russia’s attack on Ukraine brought Valentyna and Sergii Kononenko to Finland ahead of schedule to work and to look for a job.
News article | 22.9.2023
Viisi henkilöä juttelemassa pöydän ääressä, seinällä valotaulu jossa lukee "upeaa työtä"
A change in attitude is necessary and the responsibility belongs to everyone in the workplace.
News article | 5.9.2023
Lakiasiantuntija, asiakas, lakipalvelu, toimisto
The new Government Programme recognizes the importance of education, competence, and research, development and innovation activities. However, the Programme does not appear to be in balance when it comes to labour market issues, putting not only employees but also local cooperation in a precarious position.
News article | 31.8.2023
Merina Salmisen blogii
What was once tolerated, is no longer considered appropriate. This change has happened gradually.
Blog post | 8.6.2023
Susanna Bairoh.
Attempts have been made to increase the number of women in the field of technology for decades. However, the attempts have not been successful: In Finland, only one in five technology professionals is a woman. It is often argued that women lack an innate interest in technology. However, the lack of interest is not the cause but the consequence: the technology industry is structured to be masculine.
News article | 12.5.2023
People in an office
Immigrants have a difficult labor market situation. Many of the disadvantages they face derive directly from discrimination and prejudice in recruitment practices and hiring on the part of employers.
News article | 23.9.2021