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Sali täynnä teekkareita.
The May Day aka vappu magazines published by teekkaris are greatly anticipated, loved, hated and frowned upon. This is how Tamppi is born.
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Talvinen ulkokuva teekkarisauna Mörrimöykystä.
The newly renovated sauna in Tampere is not just a place to enjoy good löylys. It’s a space reserved specifically for students.
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Joukko opiskelijoita aurinkopaneelin äärellä.
Both male and female tech students feel they belong in the student community, but men feel a stronger sense of belonging in the field of technology. Gender minorities report the lowest sense of belonging. Where exactly does the problem lie?
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Mustavalkoinen kuva Teekkarirallyesta 1969.
Tech students (teekkarit) were among the first to organise a rally competition in Finland. Even the competitors of Teekkarirallye have fallen victim to jäynäs or practical jokes.
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Jäynäkilpailun voittajat saivat mukaansa kiertopalkinnon
In the best Jäynä, or practical joke, citizens were asked for ideas for new sounds for electric cars.
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Owain Hopeaketo
Being Teekkari would not be what it is today without a hugely varied collection of people. For example, Teekkari culture is becoming increasingly international, writes TEK's international student liaison Owain Hopeaketo.
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Matti Vähä-Heikkilä yllään merkkejä täynnä olevat opiskelijahaalarinsa ja viitta, kuvattuna valkoista taustaa vasten.
The well over one thousand fabric patches owned by Matti Vähä-Heikkilä from Turku would not fit on a standard pair of overalls, so he had to get a cape for them. The set is now on display at a museum in Lieto.
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Tomi Gullstén nostaa sinervää haalaria.
Tampere-based companies Tam-Folio and reveal what happens in the time between a student placing an order for overalls and receiving them to wear.
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A Jäynä is a harmless practical joke, made with a sense of humour, and often featuring technology. It has the purpose of amusing not only its creator, but also the target audience and the general public. Jäynä traditions form an integral part of Teekkari culture.

Singing has been a part of Teekkari culture for over a hundred years.