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Piirrustus, jossa kaksi ihmishahmoa seisoo suuren kellotaulun ääressä, toisella on kädessään harppi.
Underperformance is a term that is commonly used by employers, but it has no precise legal meaning.
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Piirros henkilöstä, joka kävelee poispäin sylissään huonekasvi ja olallaan euro-merkkinen kassi.
The so-called unemployment pathway to early retirement (eläkeputki in Finnish) is being phased out, and it will be replaced by the new transition security allowance for those who have reached the age of 55 years and have been dismissed from their job.
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Lapsi ja aikuinen katsovat kännykkää.
The provisions concerning variable workings hours in the Employment Contracts Acts were amended, and the family leave reform entered into force on 1 August 2022.
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Mies katsoo läppäriä
The key change is that the employer now has to pay compensation to the employee for the period they are bound by the non-competition agreement.
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Kahden henkilön välinen keskustelu, toimisto
Insurance for TEK members covers legal and litigation expenses.

What is included in the working hours? In which situations is time spent on travelling included in working hours?

Information about agreements made for terminating an employment on mutual understanding.

Are you considering resigning? Read what you have to take account of when you resign.

When can an employee terminate the employment? What process must be followed?

The period of notice is part of a normal employment relationship, during which both parties must keep fulfilling the duties they have due to the employment relationship.