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Free education attracts foreign talent to Finland, but foreigners struggle to find employment due to insufficient language skills and local networks.
News article | 30.9.2016
The targeted industrial action will take place as a strike at six universities on March 7, unless a conclusion is reached in the negotiations by March 6.
News article | 20.2.2018
Salary increases will adhere to the general level. The new collective agreement will be in effect 1.4.2020–31.3.2022.
News article | 1.4.2020
The satisfaction of recent graduates with an academic degree in technology with the university education they have received in the field of technology has grown steadily from 2016–2019.
News article | 31.12.2020
The university should not consider teaching positions as a safe haven for those who are not making great progress on the professorship track. Having a tenure track for teachers brings clarity and equal treatment to the work of teaching staff.
Blog post | 27.5.2021
Universities and universities of applied sciences do not fall under the same collective agreements. The treatment of employees can vary significantly between different institutions, and even within them.
Blog post | 10.2.2021
Ihmisiä kävelee rappusissa
TEK's experts are involved in the promotion of interests and collective agreement negotiations in the university sector through JUKO and in co-operation with employee representatives.
Kuvituskuva opiskelijoista Aalto-yliopistolla
Forcing early career researchers into fixed-term employment and imposing too much responsibility on them for the continuity of research funding do not make universities more attractive as employers.
Blog post | 8.12.2021
The salary earners' key goals concern improved working conditions, reduced use of fixed-term contracts, clearer ground rules on remote and multi-locational work and the transposition of the family leave reform into the collective agreement.
News article | 14.2.2022