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Kolme henkilöä keskustelemassa työasioista
Our studies have demonstrated that salaries remain a taboo subject at many workplaces. For this reason, many people might find themselves at a loss when they are asked to make a salary request as they are offered a promotion or seeking a new job. As a member of TEK you have access to the Salary Surveyor and our salary statistics that offer great comparative information on salaries in your sector.
Blog post | 12.11.2021
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Agreeing on a lowball salary is not a smart move for the employer either: it does not motivate high performance or ensure commitment, but instead the employee will be constantly looking for a new job.
Blog post | 9.9.2022
Kolme henkilöä keskustelemassa työasioista
We collect data on the salaries of academic engineers and other TEK members on an annual basis. Check your salary level and prepare for salary negotiations with our tips!