Content about "promotion of interests"

The content of the agreement will be presented in more detail after it has been discussed by the administrations of the negotiating parties next week.
News article | 7.2.2020
Henkilö esittelemässä työtään
We are constantly working to increase the appreciation of technology and the technology industry in Finnish society.
Is this what the manoeuvre was all about – surely not?
Blog post | 26.11.2021
Ihmisiä rakennustelineillä
I attended the congress of IndustriALL Global in September. IndustriALL Global is a global union federation representing workers in the industrial sector.
Blog post | 7.10.2021
Ihmisiä kävelee rappusissa
TEK's experts are involved in the promotion of interests and collective agreement negotiations in the university sector through JUKO and in co-operation with employee representatives.
Daniel Valtakari, TEK
On a European level, I want to empower personnel to participate more in decision-making that concerns them. In terms of university collaboration, I already have my eyes set on this winter’s salary negotiations in academia.
Blog post | 31.8.2022
Kyniä pöydällä
EU companies will be required to disclose information on salaries to expose existing gender pay gaps, the European Parliament states in their press release.
News article | 15.12.2022
Henkilöitä TEK Loungessa, henkilökunta, jäsenet, työyhteisö
We at TEK offer a wide range of membership services to support you at different stages in your career. Find out which services and benefits serve you best!
EU:n liput liehuvat, taustalla virastotaloja.
EU Directives are among the things that affect the terms of employment of TEK members.
News article | 24.1.2023
Here you can find more information about collective agreement negotiations concerning TEK members.