Content about "equality"

When it comes to achieving an equal workplace that values diversity, Finnish workplaces still have a way to go.
News article | 1.6.2017
In work life, diversity must be understood in a broad sense. All minorities must be seen and their needs taken into account. Work life must be open to us all, says TEK’s Sirkku Pohja.
News article | 8.4.2021
Promoting diversity is not only the right thing to do, but also good for the organisation.
News article | 12.10.2020
Uchenna Ikegwuonu ended up in the tech sector through many different twists and turns. She encourages women and people from different backgrounds to approach the field with an open mind.
News article | 20.11.2020
A good ally talks about their positive attitude towards rainbow folks at the workplace, intervenes when people say discriminatory things and listens to minorities.
News article | 2.7.2021
An equal manager recognises their own prejudices and wants to learn new things.
News article | 7.7.2021
Petri Pohjonen reminds us that when it comes to work, it is expertise that matters, not individual characteristics.
News article | 17.9.2021
How women in tech see the level of inclusivity at their workplace impacts their experience, opportunities and success.
News article | 25.10.2021
opiskelijoita kahvilassa
The Helsinki Pride Week celebrating equality and the rainbow community is held 27.6.-3.7.2022. This is TEK’s third prideful Pride, because TEK wants to be a part of building a better working life for everyone.
News article | 11.5.2022
Results to the question "I fear I will face discrimination in my future career (LGBTQI+ students)"
Technology students who belong to sexual and/or gender minorities see more risks in their future than students who do not belong to these minorities.
News article | 7.6.2022