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VTT:n kehittämä rSOC pilottijärjestelmä
A system developed by VTT researchers can both generate electricity from hydrogen and store electricity as hydrogen. Senior Scientist Ville Saarinen believes that hydrogen will become a commodity similar to crude oil.
News article | 9.2.2022
Ihmisiä istumassa ja keskustelemassa yhdessä
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Preventing climate change requires the expertise of engineers and investments into RDI, emphasises TEK expert Jussi-Pekka Teini.
News article | 13.8.2021
Aurinkopaneelit, kestävä kehitys, kiertotalous
According to a recent report, the green transition requires more tech talent and broader transferable skills, such as continuous learning and resilience in a rapidly evolving work environment.
News article | 4.3.2022