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Kaksi aikuista ja kaksi lasta venyttelee juoksuradalla.
TEK members who utilize this benefit save an average of 564 euros per year on the normal price.
News article | 15.9.2023
Mari-Leena Talvitie
The General Council of Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK has re-elected Master of Science in Technology and Member of Parliament Mari-Leena Talvitie as the chair of TEK’s board. Talvitie wants TEK to continue promoting equality and dismantling discriminatory structures in working life.
News article | 13.9.2023
Nuori aikuinen istuu tyytyväisenä ikkunalaudalla ja tuulettaa menestyksen johdosta.
Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK achieved its goal of becoming carbon-smart, aka carbon-neutral, by the end of 2022. TEK continuously measures its emissions, makes a conscious effort to reduce them and compensates only as a last option.
News article | 4.7.2023
Henkilöitä kävelemässä, paidan selässä lukee TEK.
Recharge, get inspired or learn new skills with TEK's services and benefits.
News article | 20.6.2023
Kolme henkilöä istuu rappusilla läppärin kanssa.
When compared to full members, more students feel that TEK should initiate societal debate on topics of labor legislation, labor market advocacy, skills development in working life, climate change prevention, equality, inclusiveness and entrepreneurship.
News article | 1.3.2023
Kaksi naisoletettua seisoo valkoisen rakennuksen edessä, toinen antaa toiselle poskisuudelman.
TEK is proud to be an official support partner of Helsinki Pride for the fourth year and is continuing its work for more equal working life.
News article | 9.5.2023
Luova teknologia
TEK provides support and services to communities established by its members.
News article | 5.5.2023
The final meeting of the term of TEK’s current Council was held in Tripla 23–24 March 2023.
News article | 6.4.2023
Henkilö tutkii Itämerta.
A total of 11,652 electronic votes were cast in TEK’s General Council election. For each electronic vote, TEK promised to donate 3 euros to an environmental cause, and electronic voters also got to choose the cause they wanted to support. The most votes were given to a donation for the Baltic Sea through John Nurminen Foundation.
News article | 4.4.2023
Henkilöllä on kädessä puhelin, jonka näytöllä lukee TEK's election.
The 70 seats on the TEK General Council have been filled at the election. Politically aligned electoral alliances won extra seats. More members than before voted electronically, and the charity campaign raised almost €35,000.
News article | 5.4.2023