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Opiskelijamäärän kehitys 2021
The number of student members who joined TEK increased again last year.
News article | 4.2.2022
Teemu Hankamäki
One of the goals of YTN in its strategy for 2021–2025 is to double the number of employee representatives together with its member unions.
News article | 12.10.2021
TEKin väitöskirjapalkittu, apulaisprofessori Onel Luis Alcazar López seisoo tummaa seinää vasten ja pitää kannettavaa tietokonetta kädessään.
This year’s award-winning theses in technology examined the development of connections in the Internet of Things, the Earth's magnetosphere, drone jamming and quasiregularly elliptic manifolds.
News article | 15.11.2021
Aalto-yliopiston kampusrakennus jossa yliopiston logo
TEK’s General Council decided to donate 1.2 million euros to universities of technology.
News article | 23.11.2021
TEKin aluevaalitavoitteet koskevat myös sosiaali- ja terveystoimea
TEK offers its members running as candidates the possibility to create their own election page, which we will publish on our website.
News article | 14.12.2021
Nainen, läppäri, toimisto, ikkuna
You can now browse our services according to your life situation, for example. Content for members is available after login.
News article | 8.10.2021
Kuvassa on Ukrainan lippu lipputangossa
TEK will donate a total of 20,000 euros to help the victims of the war in Ukraine.
News article | 2.3.2022
The Member+ service, which is shared by Akava associations and unions, has multiple benefits to offer.
News article | 11.3.2022
TEKin hallituksen puheenjohtaja Mari-Leena Talvitie
Chair of TEK’s Board Mari-Leena Talvitie is concerned about students’ wellbeing, especially their mental health. Already every other student is finding it hard to cope. Talvitie opened the meeting of the TEK General Council on 24 March in Pasila.
News article | 31.3.2022
TEK’s General Council held its spring meeting 24–25 March in Tripla in Pasila, Helsinki.
News article | 7.4.2022