TEK urges workplaces to be more family friendly

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Having a genuinely dad friendly workplace is a part of the culture, not just following the legal minimum requirements or singular practices.

The Dad Challenge’s initiators—TEK, Siili Solutions and Knowt—do not trust that politicians will make working life more equal for the entire family. That is a change that begins at workplaces. That is why they are now challenging other employers to take up the Dad Challenge.

The participants will take part in a major change and receive right solutions and support for developing a more dad friendly work community.

The Dad Challenge initiators believe that every father should have the right to challenging work alongside a close relationship with their child in their life. This is, however, not the practice, as a quarter of all men in their peak working age experience trouble in balancing work and other areas of their life, a study by Aula Research discovered.

According to the gender equality barometer, taking a family leave is still considered as easier at workplaces for women than men.

Let’s make the change as one

Changing this is exactly what the Dad Challenge is about. In a good workplace, fathers are not expected to prioritise work over family life.

– The first years with a child are special moments that too many fathers miss out on. We want family leaves, working time flexibility and staying at home with a sick child to also become a normal part of working life for fathers. This is something that everyone benefits from. A satisfied employee is a motivated and productive employee, says TEK’s Secretary General Jari Jokinen.

Participate in the challenge

Any workplace, regardless of the industry, which has come to realise how important dad friendly management is, can take part in the Dad Challenge which is carried out by Fambition.

The Dad Challenge will begin at an open kick off event on the morning of 30 August 2018 in Ruoholahti, Helsinki.

Workshop: How to make your workplace more dad friendly

As part of the campaign, TEK will organise a workshop with the Dad Challenge’s organiser, Fambition, where the focus is to toss ideas around to develop workplace practices related to family-friendliness. The workshop is in Finnish.

  • Date: Tuesday, 25 September, 9:00–11:00. Breakfast is served starting from 8:30.
  • Location: G Livelab, Yrjönkatu 3, 00120 Helsinki

Read more and register to the workshop. >>
(in Finnish)