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TEK supports communities in technology

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TEK provides support and services to communities established by its members.

Communities operating under the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK can be found here on TEK's website. These communities can post their events in TEK's event calendar and invite new members to join them using targeted messages in TEK’s newsletters.

One of the most popular services for communities is Yhdistysavain. It is a user-friendly electronic tool for managing all the activities of associations.

Yhdistysavain allows TEK's communities to, for instance, maintain their register, communicate with members, build a website and manage membership fees. TEK provides all communities the Start package of Yhdistysavain by default, paid for by TEK.

In addition, TEK offers the subdomain as the website address for its communities.

TEK also grants financial aid to communities operating under it. The amount of aid depends on the number of members and the events and their attendance, in addition to other criteria.

In return, the community must be open to all TEK members and promote TEK and its services to members.

In addition to regional and other clubs, TEK also has university associations and local government and municipal associations. Private sector staff associations, on the other hand, operate with support from our negotiation organisation, the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff YTN.

Your benefits

If you are active in one of TEK’s communities, you can use the services provided by TEK. You can find materials at

If you are not yet involved in any activities, go to TEK's website to see the communities established by TEK members that are currently active.