Record number of candidates to stand in TEK election

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Seventy successful candidates will be chosen to represent some 72,000 members of TEK in a General Council election to take place in March. A total of 481 candidates are standing for election.

The candidates for the TEK General Council election were confirmed on 26 February. A total of 481 candidates will contest the election.

– It’s gratifying to see more members than ever before seeking nominations in this election, says election committee secretary Daniel Valtakari.

The candidates are a comprehensive cross-section of the organisation’s diverse membership. Most candidates come from the southern electoral district, where 240 candidates will contest a total of 32 seats on the General Council. A further 21 General Council seats will be available to the 148 candidates standing in the western electoral district. The eastern electoral district will return a total of 6 General Council delegates from 39 candidates seeking election, while a further 46 candidates from the northern electoral district will be seeking one of 7 available General Council seats. The list of candidates is available here.

Nine electoral alliances have been formed by candidates. Further details of these alliances are already available online in Finnish here.

Coalition/alliance | Electoral district Southern (32 seats) Western (21) Eastern (6) Northern (7) TOTAL
Edunvalvontarengas (coalition)         217
iTyö 42 20 8 12 82
Keskusta 10 19 6 7 42
Kokoomus 37 27 7 6 77
Sosialidemokraatit 12 2 1 1 16
Uudistuva TEK-rengas (coalition)         256
Yhtenäinen TEK ja Teekkarihenki 54 41 7 3 105
Vihreät 19 10 3 5 37
TEKin Nuoret 60 29 7 12 108
Vasemmisto 6       6
TFiFs electoral district          
TFiFarna         8
TOTAL 240 148 39 46 481

Values are a key aspect of the TEK's election. Online election engine questions focus on the work of TEK, with members encouraged to vote electronically.

– We shall donate 3 euros to an environmental cause for every electronic vote cast. Electronic voters will also have an opportunity to vote on which of three causes will be supported, Daniel Valtakari explains. 

The General Council of TEK is directly elected by the membership every three years. Between 17 and 30 March 2020 some 50,000 eligible voters will decide which candidates will represent them until 2023. The election engine will be opened to voters on 11 March.

Find out more at the election site