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Recommend TEK membership, get a discount on your membership fee!

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The more members TEK has, the more influence we have on matters that are important to the TEK community and the better services and benefits we can provide.

We wish to encourage all TEK members to recommend membership at the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK by giving each member a 50 euro discount on their membership fee or a gift card for each new full member that they refer.

TEK membership has grown recently, and we passed the 80 000 member mark this year. However, the degree of organisation in society as a whole is decreasing at the same time.

If we want to continue to be a powerful influence in the future, it is essential that we represent a sufficiently large part of our professional community.

People who have completed the degree of Master of Science in Technology, Architecture or some other equivalent STEM degree (e.g. mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists and applied geographers) may become full members of TEK.

Do you know a colleague or a friend who has completed one of these degrees, but is not yet a member of TEK? If you can get them to join as a full member, we will reward you with a 50 euro discount on your membership fee.

If you are a dual, student or retired member, you will receive a 50 euro Super gift card.

Remember to ask the new member to mark you as their referee in the membership application form.

Preferably give them the same e-mail address that you use in TEK’s membership portal so you will not be asked to identify yourself as TEK’s member, but your discount will be automatically applied to your next invoice.