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Study leave gives working adult students the flexibility to study.

The ever-changing working life requires lifelong learning, and self-development has become part of many people's daily lives. Combining studies, work and leisure can sometimes be tricky. In such cases, study leave can be a solution. Here are some answers to questions related to study leave.

I've worked for the same employer for about two years in total, under temporary contracts of varying lengths. Am I eligible for study leave? – Daniel

Hi Daniel! When you have been employed by the same employer for at least one year, you can take up to two years of study leave in a five-year period. The employment does not have to be continuous – one full year of employment can be accumulated in several shorter periods.

Study leave may also be granted for corresponding training abroad.

I would like to study abroad. Can I be granted study leave for this? – Steve

Hi Steve! Study leave can be granted for studies offered by an establishment under public control. Study leave may also be granted for corresponding training abroad. You can therefore also take study leave for studies abroad.

I've been thinking about taking study leave next year. Can I just agree a study leave with my supervisor? – Mary

Hi Mary! When the duration of the study leave you are applying for exceeds five working days, you must submit a written request for study leave to your employer at least 45 days before the start of the study leave. The application must state, among other things, the start and end date of the studies, attendance mode, purpose of the studies, the educational establishment and the study plan. If you are applying for study leave for a degree, you must also enclose a certificate of enrolment for the degree.

I would like to take a one-year study leave. I submitted my application to my employer a month ago, but I have still not received a reply. Within what time limit must the employer reply to my application? – Sita

Hi Sita! Your employer must reply to your application for study leave at least 15 days before the start of your training or studies.

My employer informed me that I cannot take study leave on the dates I requested and that my study leave will be postponed. Can my employer do this? – Cho

Hi Cho! The employer has the right to postpone the start date of the study leave if granting it for the requested start date would cause significant inconvenience to the employer's operations. In this case, the employer may postpone the study leave by a maximum of six months at a time. If the training is organised less frequently than every six months, the employer may postpone the start of the study leave until the next time such a training is organised.
Your employer also has the right to postpone your study leave if you have been on study leave before and less than six months have passed since your previous study leave. However, your employer cannot postpone your study leave if your intention is to complete a training you started during your previous study leave.

I have been granted a six-month study leave, but my life situation has changed, and I would like to postpone the study leave. Can I postpone my study leave? – Anna

Hi Anna! Sometimes life surprises you and you have to make changes to your plans. An employee can postpone study leave of more than five days if it does not cause the employer any significant inconvenience. You must give at least two weeks' notice before the start date of the study leave if you do not wish to take the leave.

I am on study leave, but I would like to go back to work already. Can I suspend my study leave? – Marco

Hi Marco! In principle, you have the right to suspend study leave of more than 50 working days if you notify your employer at least four weeks before you wish to return to work. However, it is worth noting that if your employer has hired a replacement, your employer is not obliged to take you back to work before the end of the replacement's employment contract.

I would like to take a study leave, but I am wondering about my income during the leave. Where can I find more information? – Jo

Hi Jo! During the study leave, the employee has no obligation to work, and the employer has no obligation to pay wages. You should find out whether you are entitled to financial aid for students or adult education allowance.

Do I accrue annual leave during my study leave? – Hannah

Hi Hannah! You will also accrue annual leave during your study leave. Annual leave will be accrued for a maximum of 30 working days per leave year. In order to accrue annual leave, the employee must also return to work immediately after the study leave.

The author is a legal counsel at TEK.