Where to look for jobs in Finland

Common job search services in Finland

Jobs in English

Public sector

Headhunters, recruiting and HR companies 

Private employment/recruitment agencies

Look for agencies that will suit your needs and skills and register with one or more agencies.

Employment / Recruitment Agencies & Search Engines with Sites in English+

  • Adecco: A leading provider of Human Resources solutions, Adecco provides staffing services in Finland & internationally
  • Boyden Finland: Business consulting firm focusing on executive positions
  • Rekrytointi.com: Jobs, Vacancies, Employment, and Training Search
  • VPS Group: Labour hire and recruiting services throughout Finland, Estonia and Hungary En, Est, Fi
  • Barona
  • VMP Group: Hiring and recruiting of labour for most fields in Finland and throughout Europe.

  • Atalent
  • Academic work
  • Seure: Employment in organizations owned by the Cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, and Kauniainen. Available positions are for example in schools, daycare centers, and hospitals. 

Employment / Recruitment Agencies & Search Engines with Sites in Finnish

  • Biisoni Henkilöstövuokraus: Temporary staffing, recruitment, outsourcing and subcontracting
  • HR-Yhtiöt: Staffing and recruitment services with a focus on industry sectors such as building, transportation, electrical and plumbing, and property maintenance
  • Staffpoint: Temporary personnel, recruitment, outsourcing, training services, international workforce

Recruitment fairs

You can find a list of some recruitment events here.

Hidden job market

Peek below the surface – over half of the jobs are there.

According to professional recruiters, only 20-30 % of available jobs are made public. Thus, make sure to utilize many channels to look for a job. One of the most controversial aspects of job seeking is looking for hidden jobs; peeking below the surface and making use of one's networks and directly contacting places that have not yet made a position officially open. Read more about hidden jobs and how to find them here