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Henkilöitä keskustelemassa pöydän ääressä.
A collective agreement for the staff of universities of applied sciences is under negotiation, and YTN is one of the negotiating parties.
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The government's budget session has been wrapped up. There are good things to say about RDI, both good and bad about the funding for education, and something to criticize in the discussion concerning the reduction of insurance contributions.
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Tuulivoimaloiden pienoismallit
Universities need to place more emphasis on green skills.
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mies, nainen, valkoinen kypärä
We need more engineers to facilitate the sustainability transition. There is also a need not only for STEM skills, but also many other competencies, such as systems thinking and data expertise. However, as TEK's Graduate Survey reveals, there is a lot of variation in the level of sustainability skills between different fields of education.
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Isä ja parikymppinen lapsi istuvat olohuoneen lattialla ja juttelevat.
Is your child studying at a higher education institution? Or is someone you know applying for higher education? Here are some tips from experts on how the folks back home can support students.
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Tuomas Olkku istuu kannettavan tietokoneen ääressä, käsissään kynä ja vihko.
The competition for research grants is fierce. A grant foundation and a post doc researcher share some advice on how to write a good application.
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Kättelevät ihmiset
General pay rises will increase salaries by a total of 5.5%. In May, full-time university employees will receive a one-off payment of at least €400.
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Jonathon Taylor seisoo lumisella kadulla.
Aiming to become even more international, universities are attracting teaching and research staff from abroad. Highly educated immigrants wonder if the career opportunities offered by Finnish universities are truly the same for everyone.
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Ihmisiä kävelee rappusissa
This Friday morning, an outcome was achieved in the pay rise negotiations concerning 34,000 university employees.
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No agreement was reached for this year’s salaries. The trade unions and the Finnish Education Employers (FEE) association will meet again on 13 March. The negotiations will take a new turn then, because not only will salaries be negotiated, but the agreement provisions will also be on the table.
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