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Kolme henkilöä keskustelee.
Hidden jobs have been a hot button issue in conversations about job seeking for a long time. What are they actually and why are they hiding?
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Piiroskuvassa kaksi henkilöä keskustee työkalupakin äärellä.
The summer job search season is underway! Student, grab the latest TEK job search and career planning guide, Työkirja 2024, from your campus to support your job search or thesis job search.
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Pöydällä papereita ja kalenteri.
TEK's Project Manager Owain Hopeaketo asked Finnish tech companies on their best tips for job search. Check out what they said.
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Työkirjan kansikuva.
TEK Workbook is a job search and career planning guide for students in technology, architecture, mathematics and natural sciences.
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Mies seisoo kuvassa kalenterin edessä.
The lawyers of TEK are often asked questions about changing jobs. There are many things that need to be considered in these situations.
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Henkilö työskentelemässä tietokoneella ja puhelimella
Looking for a summer job or a thesis job? Should you join an unemployment fund? What kind of salary you should ask for?

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Are you about to graduate or have you already completed your degree? Congratulations! As a recent graduate, you get full TEK membership at a discounted price for the first year.

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As TEK's student member you have access to a variety of benefits and services to support your career. Join your professional community now – student membership is free of charge!

Uravalmennus toimistolla, kaksi henkilöä
Are you wondering what to do about your career? Are you planning to find a job but don't really know where to start? Or are you having difficulties in expressing your own skills and strengths?