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Työnantaja ja työntekijä sopimuksen ääressä.
Is there something you would like to ask about fixed-term employment contracts? In this article, we have collected answers to some of the most common questions about fixed-term employment contracts.
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Most common legal questions
TEK members often contact the employment lawyers at TEK when it is time to change jobs.
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In what situations is it possible to make a fixed-term employment contract? Information about fixed-term employments.

Information and advice on making an employment contract.

Vihkoja, kirjoja, kyniä ja sakset työpöydällä
Here you can find information on some of the most common employment terms and standards in Finland.

The duties of a supervisor include cooperation and getting along with employees. But how can you cope with a difficult subordinate?
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Neither party to an agreement may alter an essential term of the agreement without consent from the other agreeing party.
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Here we have collected basic information on lay-offs and the temporary changes that the pandemic has caused to legislation and collective agreements concerning the laying off process.
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