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Työnantaja ja työntekijä sopimuksen ääressä.
Is there something you would like to ask about fixed-term employment contracts? In this article, we have collected answers to some of the most common questions about fixed-term employment contracts.
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Eduskuntatalon pylväikköä kuvassa.
The government plans to pass laws to abolish at least child increases, the 300-euro exempt amount of earned income and the job alternation leave system and to decrease the level of unemployment security, according to a list of legislative changes published by the KOKO unemployment fund.
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Piirrustus, jossa kaksi ihmishahmoa seisoo suuren kellotaulun ääressä, toisella on kädessään harppi.
Underperformance is a term that is commonly used by employers, but it has no precise legal meaning.
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Henkilö suttaa kalenteria piirroskuvassa.
In this article, we have collected answers to the most common questions about lay-offs.
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Kuva lomailijasta
It is worth keeping in mind that employers are under no obligation to allow employees to take their holiday in several short periods.
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Kaksi henkilöä keskustelemassa, taustalla muita ihmisiä
If you are already running your own business or considering setting up your own company, it is worth getting to know our services!

Henkilö työskentelemässä tietokoneella ja puhelimella
Looking for a summer job or a thesis job? Should you join an unemployment fund? What kind of salary you should ask for?

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What is included in the working hours? In which situations is time spent on travelling included in working hours?