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F. M. Mahafugur Rahman, author of the best doctoral thesis of 2022
The winners are from Aalto University and the University of Eastern Finland. The best doctoral thesis, master’s thesis in engineering or architecture and master’s thesis in mathematics, physics or computer science of 2022 were awarded today in Helsinki.
News article | 15.11.2022
Secretary General of Seta Kerttu Tarjamo and TEK's Work Life Specialist Sirkku Pohja at TEK's office in Pasila.
Seta grants the Apple of Good Information annually to an individual or community that has advanced the position of sexual or gender minorities or spread good, factual information about the diversity of sexual orientation and gender. TEK is the first trade union to receive the recognition.
News article | 7.11.2022
Developers of the simulator technology.
Here are the finalists for the Finnish Engineering Award 2022.
News article | 19.9.2022
ABB:n Azipod-yksikkö
Nominate a candidate for the Finnish Engineering Award 2022. You can also nominate yourself. The award is worth 30 000 euros.
News article | 6.4.2022
Vuonna 2007 aloittaneen ABB Marine & Ports -divisioonan propulsioyksikön johtoryhmän jäseniä
This time around, Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK and Tekniska Föreningen i Finland TFiF decided to grant the award to a technology instead of a group of people. ABB donates the entire award sum to the John Nurminen Foundation for the protection of the Baltic Sea.
News article | 1.12.2021
TEKin väitöskirjapalkittu, apulaisprofessori Onel Luis Alcazar López seisoo tummaa seinää vasten ja pitää kannettavaa tietokonetta kädessään.
This year’s award-winning theses in technology examined the development of connections in the Internet of Things, the Earth's magnetosphere, drone jamming and quasiregularly elliptic manifolds.
News article | 15.11.2021
The five finalists for the Finnish Engineering Award 2021
TEK and TFiF are about to give an award worth 30,000 euros to a significant contribution to engineering or architecture. The finalists take on challenges of energy and food production, make seafaring ships and rock drilling more energy efficient and give touchscreens longer lifespans.
News article | 6.10.2021
The winning team of Abacus Diagnostica.
Acknowledging Finnish engineering achievement is an honour for us. TEK and TFiF annually present a 30 000-euro award to an individual or a team that has remarkably advanced technical competence in Finland.
SITP, robottibussi, Sensible4
We give out annual awards to the best theses and studies by children and adolescents. TEK and TFiF also present the Finnish Engineering Award, which is worth 30 000 euros.
TEK and TFiF honour the best creative idea with the Finnish Engineering Award. Submit your candidate by the 25th of April.
News article | 12.4.2021