TEK membership fee to remain unchanged

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New discount available for online payment.

At its autumn meeting, the TEK Council decided to maintain the membership fee at its current level at EUR 31.50 per month (EUR 378 per annum). The fee also includes the unemployment fund contribution.

All members who move to electronic invoicing will be offered a EUR 3 discount on their membership fee next year. With e-invoicing, you can choose to pay your membership fee monthly, quarterly or annually. With all three options, you will be able to claim a EUR 3 discount, equivalent to EUR 0.25 per month. We will remove the discounted rate previously offered for single instalment payments. You can move to electronic invoicing through your own online banking service by requesting the Tekniikan Akateemiset TEK (Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK) membership fee as an electronic invoice. You can use your personal identity code or the invoice number from your latest membership fee invoice as a reference. We recommend that you move to e-invoicing immediately as we will then automatically apply the discount to your next year’s fee.

If you have questions about your membership fee, please contact: jasenrekisteri(a)tek.fi / (09) 2291 2291.

Don’t forget to apply for a membership fee discount

You may be eligible for a discount on your membership fee if you are currently f.ex. out of work or on parental leave. Don’t forget to apply for a discount on this year’s membership fee by 31 December.