No changes to the membership fee in 2016 – apply for discounts already now!

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TEK’s membership fee invoices will be mailed to members at the turn of the month from January to February. The membership fee will not be increased from last year. The full membership fee, including the IAET unemployment fund, is EUR 378 per year.

You can be granted a discount on the membership fee due to unemployment, family leave or unpaid full-time studies, for example. You can apply for the discount by submitting a free-form application as soon as the grounds for discount take effect.

A full member is entitled to all of TEK’s membership services and benefits, such as:

  • Unemployment benefits, legal expenses insurance and liability insurance
  • Personal legal advice on work-related matters
  • Personal coaching for career development and job seeking
  • Salary counselling
  • Extensive online services for both an entrepreneur and a salaried employee to support their career
  • Club and local activities
  • Membership magazines
  • Discounts on insurance and, for example, on recreational hobbies

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