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The work stoppage of the consulting sector started on Monday 9 December, because the collective agreements drag on.
News article | 13.12.2019
Henkilö tietokoneella kuulokkeet päässä kirjojen keskellä
What is it and what to do when facing cooperation negotiations?
TEK's specialist compiled a list of five ways for employee representatives to better take LGBTQ employees into account. TEK’s lawyer summarises how the rights of minorities are secured by legislation.
News article | 6.7.2021
Lakiasiantuntija, asiakas, lakipalvelu, toimisto
A shop steward represents you at your workplace, for example in local agreements and in negotiations on changes. They also provide personal support and advice.
News article | 3.5.2022
Joukko opiskelijoita/työntekijöitä keskustelemassa
The Finnish labour market is based on a collaborative approach with all societal parties involved in the market. TEK represents the interests of our members and promotes good working conditions for all.