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Äiti kantaa vauvaa
The coming reform completely reshapes earnings-related family leave. The reform will enter into effect in August 2022.
News article | 22.11.2021
Most common legal questions
TEK members often contact the employment lawyers at TEK when it is time to change jobs.
News article | 5.10.2021
The new Co-operation Act will enter into force at the turn of the year 2022.
News article | 9.12.2021
Mies seisoo kuvassa kalenterin edessä.
The lawyers of TEK are often asked questions about changing jobs. There are many things that need to be considered in these situations.
News article | 11.5.2022
Kuva lomailijasta
It is worth keeping in mind that employers are under no obligation to allow employees to take their holiday in several short periods.
News article | 13.6.2022
Henkilö astuu ulos.
In the future, employers are obligated to pay employees 40 or 60 percent of their salary during a non-competition period.
News article | 11.2.2022