Pricing your work

Remember that you also spend time doing other things besides the work you invoice.

According to TEK’s labour market research, entrepreneurs who are members of TEK invoice just under EUR 800 per day on average. You should remember that in addition to the work you invoice, you will also spend time on sales, marketing and administrative tasks. You should take this into account when pricing your work.

You cannot therefore draw a direct comparison between your rates and the monthly salary paid for a similar job. A good rule of thumb is to multiply your desired monthly salary by two and use the resulting sum to calculate your daily or hourly rate.

Expenses are incurred also from things like bookkeeping, pension insurance premiums, unemployment security and other insurance premiums, the add-on costs of salary, your phone, devices and internet connection. These expenses as well as your holiday pay must also be covered by the income you receive from invoiced work.

What you need to know when setting up a business

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