The new council agreement is on the side of the good

News article

Based on the council agreement, TEK's new council that was elected in the spring and has just organised itself is not against anyone in particular.

The new council of TEK approved a new council agreement for the years 2020–2023. The council agreement is an agreement between council factions that define the shared goals of the factions. These goals steer the operations of all of TEK for the coming years.

The main goal of the new council agreement is to improve working life and make the world more sustainable.

The council wants TEK to take the initiative in the changing environment of information work and produce predictive services and lobbying efforts, build a competitive innovation environment in Finland and help bring forth a more sustainable world.

How are these goals to be reached in practice, TEK's executive manager Jari Jokinen?

– The council agreement gives the board and the office a direction in which to go. Better utilisation of data is especially important and requires a lot of effort from us so that we can direct our operations to better serve our members. Progress has already been made towards the goals of the council agreement on many fronts during the last council term. The favourable development of membership numbers is indicative of this.

The council agreement states that during this council term TEK must produce an analysis of what high-quality information work requires in the coming decade and suggest measures to meet these requirements.

TEK must also have an understanding of its individual members and their workplaces. This understanding allows TEK to predictively target its services and support its lobbying efforts.

World's best talent in technology

The new council agreement also states that Finland has the best tech talent in the world and our highly educated technology professionals understand their rights and responsibilities in working life and they are provided with opportunities for lifelong learning. The funding for in-service training must also be secured on a sustainable basis.

The agreement requires that TEK and tech professionals continue to build the Finnish innovation environment on sustainable grounds in cooperation with the private and the public sectors, research facilities and universities while promoting the utilisation of technology. The status of persons with postgraduate degrees in working life must also be understood and their standing must be developed in a way that supports the innovation environment of Finland. 

The agreement states that a larger share of EU's research and innovation funding must be brought to Finland to support the work of highly educated technology professionals long into the future. TEK's social influencing work, member services and lobbying efforts are steered by the UN's goals of sustainable development.

According to the council agreement, TEK realises and utilises the European Green Deal initiative to create new innovations, business operations and jobs.