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New collective agreements for architects and the ICT sector

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Both collective agreements were created on January 11th. The cost effect of the agreements is 1.8 percent.

Senior salaried employees of the architectural design and ICT sectors received new collective agreements on January 11th when the negotiating parties confirmed the negotiation results reached on the 5th of January. In the ICT sector the agreement was negotiated by YTN and Palta, an employer organisation from the service sector. In addition to the aforementioned, the negotiations for architects also included ATL, the Association of Finnish Architects' Offices.

The agreement for the ICT sector concerns senior salaried employees working for telecommunications operators, phone companies and network construction and maintenance companies.

Both new collective agreements will remain in effect until 30.11.2023, but there is an option to already terminate the agreements on 30.11.2022 in the event that the agreeing parties cannot reach an agreement concerning raises for the year 2023. This agreement must be reached by the end of October.

The wage solution for both sectors adheres to the wage solution for senior salaried employees reached in the technology sector. This year all wages will be raised with a general raise of 0,9 %, in addition to which the employer pays a workplace-specific batch of 0.9 % in a manner of their choosing. Locally the employer may negotiate larger raises together with the shop steward or staff.

– Local negotiation is worthwhile, but of course you should never enter into a bad deal, says Kosti Hyyppä, the Adviser of the ICT Sector.

The new agreement now makes it possible to negotiate raises locally in the field of architectural design as well.

– Even though there was nothing new regarding remote work in the actual collective agreement, I recommend that workplaces have a discussion about the rules of remote work.  As an appendix to the collective agreement we have created a list of matters that should be discussed, says Tuula Aaltola, the Adviser of the Architectural Design Sector.

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