Jari Jokinen selected as Secretary General of TEK

News article

Master of Science in Engineering Jari Jokinen, 50, has been selected as Secretary General of Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK.

TEK's Council approved the appointment of Jari Jokinen as Secretary General, in line with the Board's proposal, at its meeting on February 14 in Vantaa.

Jokinen will begin in his new position at the beginning of April. Current Secretary General Heikki Kauppi will retire at the end of May.

Jokinen has been working at TEK since spring 2015 as Director in charge of education policy and research.  He is also a Member of the Board of Akava.

– The development of technology is one of the most important forces shaping the world. I want to be involved in ensuring that the situation is good in the technical sector and for technical professionals in the country. TEK is a strong player in promoting these important matters for the field and its professionals, Jokinen says.

The role of trade unions is changing

These days, there is a lot of discussion about the decreasing importance of trade unions. Despite this, Jokinen feels they will be necessary in the future as well.

– The way I see it, TEK's role is to create the possibilities for the future working life of our members. TEK already provides necessary career support services for members in addition to traditional safeguarding of interests, and this role will be even further emphasised in the future. We must be familiar with the needs of our members and be able to support them in ever-diversifying working life.

– The TEK Council selected last year has set clear goals for the renewal of TEK, a path we are taking together with TEK's Board and office. With TEK's diversely skilled personnel and the foundation created by my predecessor, we have an excellent starting point for our work, Jokinen says.

According to Director of TEK's Board Marjo Matikainen-Kallström, Jokinen was chosen as the top candidate from among many great options.

– Jari Jokinen has a wide range of expertise concerning technical fields, education and working life. He has a clear vision of how TEK needs to respond to changes in the operating environment and in members' needs. TEK's Board of Directors feels that he is exactly the right person to bring about the transformation needed in the work of the professional organisation, says Matikainen-Kallström.

A strong developer of education

Jokinen has a Master of Sciences in Industrial Management from Lappeenranta University of Technology. He has participated in TEK's activities since the 1980s, when he was an active student member. After graduating in the 1990s, and at the start of the 2000s, he was a member of the Council and Education Committee, among others.

Jokinen has a strong background as an education expert and developer of university education. He has worked in various positions in the Ministry of Education, starting from the 1990s, with his most recent position being as a project manager up until 2008. In between his posts at the ministry, from 2003 to 2007, Jokinen worked as a Counsellor specialising in education at Finland's Permanent Representation to the EU in Brussels, and was also Chairman of the Education Committee for the Council of the European Union.

Starting in 2008, Jokinen worked at Aalto University, first as a project manager launching the operations of the new university and then as Chief Development Officer in charge of community relations, strategic processes, forecasting and international benchmarking, among other areas. In spring 2015, he became Director in charge of education policy and research at TEK.

Last year, in addition to carrying out his primary tasks, he was appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM) to investigate and find a solution to the shortage of skilled professionals in southwestern Finland. The investigation resulted in the establishment of the FiTech university network. A few weeks ago, OKM appointed Jokinen as a member of the working group in charge of planning the Vision for higher education and research in Finland.