The finalists for the Finnish Engineering Award are here

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TEK and TFiF will reward the best creative idea with 30 000 euros.

A self-driving bus, a multinip calender, an azimuth thruster, a drilling system or a method for fractioning biomass? One of these five candidates will be awarded 30 000 euros in early June.

The Finnish Engineering Award highlights creative and original ideas that put theory to practice. This year there are five finalists competing for the Award. Each one of them has furthered Finnish expertise in technology and improved the commercialisation of this knowhow.

– High tech exports are the best companion to our welfare services. Companies need product development in order to renew themselves. Finland offers high quality education in technological fields and this provides a great foundation for product development. The nominated engineering solutions are all born of the teamwork, expertise and creativity of our technology experts. They demonstrate that technology can be used to solve problems that seem insurmountable, says TEK's CEO Jari Jokinen.

– The impact of the innovative solutions of our engineers is very significant as they affect us all, either directly or indirectly. We wish to do our part in encouraging people to undertake this work that promotes the sustainable development of our society via new technologies, says TFiF's Executive Manager Britta Sunde.

Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK and Tekniska Föreningen i Finland TFiF annually grant the Finnish Engineering Award to a person or work group for a meritorious innovation and its practical application.

Early this year, anyone could nominate candidates for the Award. TEK's technology committee conducted a very rigorous elimination of nominees to arrive at the five finalists, one of which will be awarded 30 000 euros. The winner is finally decided by the Boards of TEK and TFiF. The award ceremony is currently scheduled for June, unless the coronavirus situation requires us to postpone the event.

Finalists for the Finnish Engineering Award 2020

Finalist 1: Valmet's OptiCalender Multinip

OptiCalender Multinip is a significant invention that revolutionised traditional multinip calendering technology with a simple mechanical solution. The epiphany occurred in 1993 and it stands the test of time. Thus far, Valmet has been manufacturing and selling machines based on the invention to the paper industry to the tune of an estimated billion euros.

  • Nominees: D.Sc. Juha Lipponen and M.Sc. Pekka Koivukunnas

Finalist 2: Sensible 4 GACHA self-driving bus

The Sensible 4 GACHA is the world's first self-driving shuttle bus that completes its route regardless of rain, snow or fog. A team of Finnish engineers built the autonomous electric bus entirely from the ground up. The award-winning look of the bus was designed by Japanese design company MUJI. The goal of Sensible 4, the company behind the bus, is to bring self-driving buses into use in public transportation within the next few years.

  • Nominee: Sensible 4 Oy

Finalist 3: CH-Bioforce's biomass fractioning method

CH-Bioforce's founders developed a method where all three main components of biomass (cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin) can be separated in a single process. These bio-based renewable raw materials offer a green alternative to oil-based materials, for example. The method is cost-effective and globally unique. 

  • Nominees: MA Sebastian von Schoultz, D.Sc. Lari Vähäsalo and tech student Nicholas Lax

Finalist 4: Sandvik RockPulse™ drilling system

Sandvik RockPulse™ is a unique drilling and measurement system. It provides instantaneous information on drilling conditions and equipment status. RockPulse™ optimises the energy efficiency and energy consumption of drilling and improves drilling safety. The team behind it has created a great digital tool for mining and quarrying.

  • Nominees: D.Sc. Tuomo Pirinen, M.Sc. Noora Kalevo, M.Sc. Pasi Hämäläinen, M.Sc. Timo Setälä, M.Sc. Vesa Uitto and M.Sc. Jarno Viitaniemi

Finalist 5: ABB's Azipod® azimuth thruster system

The Azipod® azimuth thruster system is a top-tier innovation in the field of environmental technology. The system can save up to 20 % of a seafaring vessel's fuel consumption when compared to traditional thrusters. Azipod® improves the manoeuvrability of the vessel, which in turn improves its safety. Azipod® is ABB's flagship product and a business involving billions of euros.

  • Nominees: B.Sc. Jukka Varis, M.Sc. Antti Ruohonen, M.Sc. Juha Koskela, M.Sc. eMBA Antti Lehtelä, B.Sc. Marcus Högblom, M.Sc. Sakari Sorsimo and B.Sc. Tommi Lempiäinen

Further information on the Award:

  • The Finnish Engineering Award has been awarded since the year 1980. Take a look at the winners throughout the years here: (in Finnish)