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Harri Kaarre (vasemmalla), Mika Mäntymäki, Marko Honkalampi ja Marko Määttä juttelevat viikonlopun ylitöistä CATR-kammion (Compact Antenna Test Range) edessä. Oranssit piikit ovat absorbereita, jotka vaimentavat signaalit.
Work life. Many mistakenly fear that working as a shop steward will stand in the way of career progression, says Marko Honkalampi. “It doesn’t, as I myself can testify.”
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Henkilöitä istuu TEK Loungessa Tampereella.
The position of trust allows the employee to have a say in workplace matters together with the employer. Many workplaces in the private sector will soon be electing new shop stewards. Have you considered running for the position?
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Lakiasiantuntija, asiakas, lakipalvelu, toimisto
A shop steward represents you at your workplace, for example in local agreements and in negotiations on changes. They also provide personal support and advice.
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TEK's specialist compiled a list of five ways for employee representatives to better take LGBTQ employees into account. TEK’s lawyer summarises how the rights of minorities are secured by legislation.
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Henkilö tietokoneella kuulokkeet päässä kirjojen keskellä
What is it and what to do when facing cooperation negotiations?

Joukko ihmisiä istuu pöydän ääressä.
The Finnish labour market is based on a collaborative approach with all societal parties involved in the market. TEK represents the interests of our members and promotes good working conditions for all.

The work stoppage of the consulting sector started on Monday 9 December, because the collective agreements drag on.
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