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TEK Hour

Family - to leave or not to leave

In this TEK Hour, you'll get acquainted with the parental leave system in Finland and the payment during parental leaves. You'll also hear the latest research findings on parental leaves.

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The recording is available for viewing until December 7, 2024.

Welcome to listen to our experts talk about the parental leave system, payment during parental leaves and how this all works in Finland. You will also hear our latest research findings on parental leaves and how academic engineers feel about them.

These topics will be discussed by TEK's lawyer and labor relations expert Hannu Hallamaa and TEK's director of Public Affairs Juhani Nokela.

Susanna Bairoh

Susanna Bairoh, Research Manager

Susanna Bairoh works as Research Manager at TEK (Academic Engineers & Architects in Finland) and is responsible for leading and managing TEK’s research activities and the research team. Susanna has 20+ years of experience in conducting various kinds of quantitative and qualitative research projects. She holds a Master of Social Science degree from University of Helsinki and a Doctor of Science (Economics) from Hanken School of Business. Susanna is passionate about improving gender equality, diversity and inclusion in technology and technology workplaces. 

Hannu Hallamaa

Hannu Hallamaa, Lawyer

Hannu Hallamaa works at TEK as a lawyer and  employment terms expert. Hannu gives advice to TEK member on legal matters and negotiates collective bargaining agreements. He holds a Master of Law degree from University of Helsinki.