Some 80 per cent of recent Masters of Science in Technology have found employment

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Nearly 80 per cent of freshly graduated Masters of Science in Technology and architects have found employment that corresponds well or very well with their education. The results have improved in the past four years. The data is based on a survey conducted by TEK.

Work experience and contacts are crucial for finding employment. Three quarters of all recent graduates in the field of technology stated that they have found employment in their thesis work places or other jobs they have had while their studies were still underway.

On average, a recent graduate in the field of technology in Finland has two years of work experience.

The competences of foreigners and women are ignored

The lack of work experience and contacts is clearly visible in the fact that foreigners have a significantly harder time finding employment. Of all non-Finns, only one in four are employed at the time of their graduation, while nearly two thirds of all Finnish graduates have a job.

According to Jari Jokinen, Director of Education and Employment Policy at TEK, this means that plenty of competence offered by highly educated foreigners is left unused in the job market.

Jokinen considers it good news that those entering university-level education in technology are coming from increasingly varied backgrounds. However, only one quarter of students in the field of technology are women.

– The field needs more women. We need all the best skills in the pool to be able to bring an extensive skill potential to the labour market and improve the Finnish economy, Jokinen explains.

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