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The understanding of the level of Finnish technology among political decision-makers has developed in a negative direction. However, the private sector is bringing some light of hope in the otherwise bleak situation revealed by the Technology Barometer.
News article | 18.1.2017
On 24th May Technology Academy Finland (TAF) declared American innovator Frances Arnold as winner of the 2016 Millennium Technology Prize, the prominent award for technological innovations that enhance the quality of people’s lives.
News article | 1.6.2016
The Finnish Engineering Award 2018 was granted to the Lappeenranta-based Visedo Oy for their development and implementation work regarding smart and electronic transmission systems.
News article | 15.5.2018
TEK and TFiF will reward the best creative idea with 30 000 euros.
News article | 21.4.2020
Shähla Idikut, 19, combined genetics and microbiology in her awarded research. She shared the first prize of the TuKoKe science contest for young people with Valtteri Aurela.
News article | 4.5.2020
– You really feel you are doing something worthwhile here, says app developer Jaakko Hannikainen. Koronavilkku, the national Finnish coronavirus mobile app, is already in use.
News article | 7.9.2020
If there are antibiotics in the water, cells start to produce green light.
News article | 5.10.2020
Difficult weather conditions are the Achilles' heel of self-driving vehicles. Thanks to its technological solutions, the Sensible 4 GACHA bus can complete its route regardless of rain, snow or fog.
News article | 4.6.2020
Asad Awan, the winner of this year’s doctoral thesis award, paves the way for the successor to the alternating-current motor developed by Nikola Tesla.
News article | 7.12.2020
TEK and TFiF honour the best creative idea with the Finnish Engineering Award. Submit your candidate by the 25th of April.
News article | 12.4.2021