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The main contracting organisations of the university sector have issued an industrial action notice.
News article | 13.2.2018
The targeted industrial action will take place as a strike at six universities on March 7, unless a conclusion is reached in the negotiations by March 6.
News article | 20.2.2018
Read more about the negotiations and strike pay below.
News article | 27.12.2019
The work stoppage of the consulting sector started on Monday 9 December, because the collective agreements drag on.
News article | 13.12.2019
Cordial negotiations are ongoing to revise the terms and conditions of employment of senior salaried employees, but everything still remains on the table.
News article | 20.1.2020
The content of the agreement will be presented in more detail after it has been discussed by the administrations of the negotiating parties next week.
News article | 7.2.2020
The collective bargaining negotiations involving senior salaried employees that have been underway since last fall have finally taken a leap forwards.
News article | 17.2.2020
JUKO, an association of highly educated public employees, wants to get rid of kiky hours. JUKO also wants to reform family leave and improve workplace well-being and travel time compensations.
News article | 5.3.2020
Kiky hours will be abolished. Salary increases will adhere to the general level. The new agreement will be in effect 1.4.2020–28.2.2022.
News article | 3.4.2020
Universities and universities of applied sciences do not fall under the same collective agreements. The treatment of employees can vary significantly between different institutions, and even within them.
Blog post | 10.2.2021