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Unicuksen toimitusjohtaja ja kolme työntekijää kurkistaa hyllykön takaa.
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Autism can be a recruitment asset

IT company Unicus hires only consultants who are on the autism spectrum. This is not charity. Unicus sees the diagnosed as special experts.
Kaksi kypäräpäistä työmaalla.
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Academic engineer’s median salary rose to 5,597 euros - Collective agreement clause the most common reason for salary increase

According to the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK’s labour market survey, the most common reason for a salary increase was the general increase agreed in the collective agreement.
Ilmapalloja joissa lukee TEK.
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TEK is the fastest-growing Akava affiliate in terms of membership

At the beginning of 2024, Akava’s total membership across its unions was 623,299, which is 7,293 more than the previous year.
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